You Don’t Have To Have Those Bad Feelings


rain-1013940_960_720Why are you accepting your sad feelings? Why are you accepting your disappointing relationships? Why are you accepting your chronic sleeplessness? Why are you accepting that terrible nervous feeling you have so frequently?

Is the answer because you didn’t know that counseling can help you reduce (or at least cope with) those problems?

Or is it that you know about counseling but think you or others will think you’re weak if you don’t solve your problems by yourself? Or that you think it will cost too much?

From last to first objections (reverse order): Most insurance covers at least part of the cost. AIso there are practitioners that you can afford if you have to pay for it yourself. Prices vary without your having to sacrifice quality.

As far as feeling weak: I may not be able to convince you but my argument is that you have a choice between thinking of yourself as weak and feeling better or thinking you’re strong and feeling bad!

Now to the first issue: If you have been unaware of the benefits of counseling (or therapy as it is sometimes known — I, personally, use the terms interchangeably) I will try to use this space to convince you of its’ value.

Most of the time people begin to feel somewhat better by the end of the first session. In a limited number of sessions you should be getting a real handle on what to do about those bad feelings that remain. It is an opportunity to unburden yourself and also to think out loud about any options you have to improve your situation. Most therapists do not give advice; they simply assist you in finding your own answers.

We’re here for you.

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