When There Are 33 Flavors of Ice Cream (Many Different Choices) Why Should You Need Others’ Approval For Your Choices?

icecream-993678_960_720Most people are unknowing — slaves to other people’s values and beliefs. They think and act the same way as their parents (or parent figures).

Or, conversely, they spend their whole lives being slaves anyway by being the opposite of what their parents (or parent figures) were in order to spite them — fighting a battle with people who often are long-deceased.

We are all influenced by our cultural, ethnic, religious, and/or regional background. We are influenced by society at large and authority figures in particular. But, are we simply influenced or are our values and beliefs (and consequently our behaviors) controlled by others’ ideas of what we should be, what we should want and how we should act?

Those who choose for themselves are often still enslaved because they feel guilty at not conforming. As adults they still think they need others’ approval.

Let’s get the most out of life by allowing our true feelings, attitudes and opinions to count. We are all unique individuals. It is never too late to shed what we may have been taught that does not fit for our lives (though it may have been perfect for mom, dad, or others in our lives).

This does not mean you are disrespecting those who had your good at heart. What it means is that there is more than one way to think and more than one way to live. After all, there are 33 flavors of ice cream, right? Free yourself to be yourself — believe in your right to choose — try butter pecan — LIVE!

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