Underpinnings Of Mental Health

Taking care of your emotions means trying to address the following (hopefully daily):

1. Sleep and rest

Everyone’s needs are different but attempting to get to bed at a reasonable hour and getting enough hours can help you to cope. And even if you don’t get enough sleep taking time to rest helps rejuvenate both body and mind.

2. Decent nutrition

Lean protein and fruits and/or vegetables aren’t only good for your physical health but for your mental health as well. Some whole grains added and minimizing sweets is valuable as well.

3. Even minimal exercise

A walk around the block at least once a day is often sufficient but anything you enjoy physically is exceptionally helpful.

4. Social interaction

If in-person contact isn’t possible make a phone call. Even texting or an email is worthwhile but it’s better to at least hear a person’s voice. Zoom calls are really helpful. It’s important to be in contact with positive people even if they’re not a best friend or special person.

5. Doing something you like — a puzzle, dancing to music you like, writing a poem, reading a book, watching something funny on Netflix.

6. Which brings me to the last thing: Try to find something to laugh at (or at least smile) — a TV show, a funny book, talking to a friend who is a joker.

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