Thanksgiving Thoughts


By Terry Hefter, LCPC

The first thing we think about is the turkey, right? Or, maybe the family togetherness? For some it’s the historical value that makes this day special.

For many the essential feature of this holiday is the spiritual overtone. These people give thanks for the food on the table — not only for the turkey, sweet potatoes and such, made available to us, but, also, for the ability to earn enough money to provide this meal for the family.

This year, I suggest adding another type of thanks — thanks to each other for what each feels grateful for with the others around the table.

It’s human nature to gripe, gossip and criticize. But at this year’s holiday table how about focusing on the positive? Tell Aunt Harriet how much you appreciate her calling to find out how you were feeling last time you were ill. Tell your child that it makes you feel good that he took out the garbage recently without being asked. Your husband would like to hear that you don’t just take him for granted but are happy that he fixed a broken household item.

So, this Thanksgiving express love toward someone you haven’t told for a while. Give thanks for the wonders and treasures others have provided for you — there are many for which we forget to show appreciation.

Start a new tradition: take turns around the table having each person address the others individually with one “I give thanks for…”

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