Self-Help Suggestions For Anxiety and Depression

Self-Help Suggestions For Anxiety and Depression, worrying to much

Most people already know about what is written below but at times may forget. These reminders are helpful for both anxiety AND depression.

1. Deep-breathing-a few deep, slow breaths
2. Relaxation apps on your phone – some are waves on the seashore or rain on the roof, some are progressive relaxation (“Your feet are getting heavy; your legs are getting heavy,” etc, or some such words), some are visualization (“Picture yourself at the seashore, or riding on a cloud or magic carpet”.)
3. Massagers –  ones others can use on you and ones you can use on yourself including pads that fit on chairs or can be used on the floor, ones that are for your legs, ones for just your feet, just your neck, etc. – plus whole chairs that massage
4. Professional massages
5. Exercise – walking, running, biking, a sport like skiing, skating, health club machines, etc.
6. Playing soft music, pleasant movies or DVDs or videotapes with uplifting themes (not violent or scary ones)
7. Changing out of work clothes like ties and shirts that button at the neck or high-heeled shoes into comfy clothes like sweats or jeans
8. Making a list of things you need to do or things you’re worrying about – getting things out of your head and onto paper
9. Asking for help with tasks or help with getting organized
10. Talking to someone you trust who’s REALLY listening
11. Pampering yourself by wearing your favorite clothes, buying yourself a small gift like a new lipstick color for women or a colorful tie for men
12. Spending time with positive people (not people who criticize you or complain a lot)

If the above self-help methods are insufficient it may be beneficial to seek professional counseling.

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