On Procrastination

Go ahead and put off the work (schoolwork? housework?) that you haven’t done.

Put off making those phone calls or other obligations.

But, try your doggonedest to take advantage of this summer day even if it’s just standing in front of where you live or work for a couple of minutes paying attention to the warmth.  These kinds of days are important to your well-being and mental health.  They may even cause your spirits to lift enough to give you the motivation to do other things you feel you should do.  But, even if not, they’re worth it on their own!

If you’re able to manage it, spend more than just those couple of minutes.  Procrastinate on something else so that you can take advantage of the rare pleasantness of warm, and maybe even sunshiny, days.

Spend a little time with family or friends or even just acquaintances, if possible, taking in the fragrance and uplifting qualities of a summer day or evening.  Or take that time with your thoughts alone enjoying your own valuable company.  You won’t be sorry!

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