May Is Mental Health Month – A Suggestion For Your Mental Health

As a therapist I’ve found that using assertive techniques make clients more mentally healthy.

Being assertive does not mean being aggressive.  It means speaking in a normal tone and asking for what you feel you need and want.

It means not shouting, demanding, and arguing nor passively accepting.  It shows respect for the other while feeling you have rights.  It’s a way of feeling and acting.

I invite you to find out for yourself that it helps lift depression, minimize anxiety, and generally makes you feel more mentally healthy.  Google “Assertiveness” and find out the specific techniques that are recommended.  Or schedule a few sessions with a therapist who teaches these techniques.  Terry Hefter Associates, LLC, has therapists who do this, or you can seek this type of help from other therapists in the Chicago area.

Find out how good you can feel!

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