Living Happily Ever After

Improving couples relationships

The happiest couples are those who take the time out from all of the madness leading up to that special day to plan how they will handle unexpected difficulties that are bound arise during their married life.

MARRIAGE CAN BE MAGICAL but rarely without planning for those inevitable times when things are not going as well as you would like. Hopefully your lives will have many, many more ups than downs but every life has some downs if only small ones. Solving even small ones rather than “sweeping them under the rug” is vital to learn to do. It is the little things, seemingly overlooked, that can interfere with a wonderful relationship.

More and more couples today realize that there are best ways to work out differences of opinion, in-law and financial problems and all the day-to-day situations that present themselves. After all, no matter how compatible we are with another we have some different habits, values, personalities, and experiences.

There are tried and true ways to minimize the arguments and unpleasantness that so many couples seem to think they have to endure. Pre-marital counseling helps you to find ways to keep your happiness alive and even to utilize those difficult times to deepen and strengthen the intimacy you already have.

Pre-marital counseling consists of couple sessions geared to your specific personalities and circumstances. It uses general principles of good communication, conflict resolution skill-building, and problem-solving skill-building to develop a personalized focus for intervening in difficulties that could arise in YOUR marriage.

Counselors can help you to address possible future concerns in advance. This is when obstacles can be predicted and prevented easily. This is so much better than counseling that we regularly do with couples who come to us after the pain and frustration of arguments and other intimacy-reducing distress has occurred. As the saying goes: “An ounce of prevention is worth….” Unfortunately it takes more than a pound of cure most of the time; it can sometimes take tons when attempting to heal the wounds afterward. We have all been touched by divorce and unhappy marriages and wonder how this can happen to loving couples. It does not have to; it is so easy to avoid.

GIVE YOURSELF EVERY OPPORTUNITY FOR A SUCCESSFUL, BLISSFUL MARRIAGE. You can’t afford not to make an appointment for pre-marital counseling. DO IT TODAY! It develops more closeness and adds to the special excitement and feelings of your marital preparations.

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