Keeping Boredom From Becoming Depression

You have the power to take charge of the monotony of having to stay home.

The underpinnings of fending off depression (even if you have a chemical imbalance for which you are prescribed medication) are getting enough sleep and rest, eating nutritiously (and some things you really like), and getting some sort of exercise.  The exercise can be a few stretch exercises combined with as long a walk as you are able to take (with more variety and length of time if possible).

Then, be a self-motivator even if you normally are not.  Make sure to shower somewhat early in the day and dress in something you like rather than staying in pajamas or the same sweats you wore yesterday.  And find a project.  There are probably a lot of things you need to do for work if you are working.  If not, do something productive if only for 5 minutes.  And, plan for some enjoyment every day.  Read something you like or play games you enjoy or call a friend rather than texting.  If you are living with another person pull out old board games.  Music lifts the spirits and if you dance you’ll add the exercise to it.

And you do not have to stay home all day and evening.  If you have a yard or any outdoor space where you can stay separate from others spend time there.  If not, take a walk in a different direction each day.  If you have a car drive to a different park or neighborhood each day and walk there.

If you are at all interested in being creative write a poem or a few paragraphs about your experiences or draw something. 

Don’t just let boredom wash over you.  You have choices.  Push yourself and you may find it gets easier.

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