Perfectionism — Sometimes a Problem for You or Someone Else You Know?

Perfectionism hitting the target missing the mark?

Do you, and maybe others, consider you a perfectionist, and does it sometimes cause you difficulties?

Maybe someone else’s perfectionism is a problem for you (and, perhaps for themselves)?

If you’re a brain surgeon please keep being perfectionistic about your work!  But, some of us have had experiences where this trait has stood in the way of enjoying some parts of our lives and/or from having satisfying relationships.  Sometimes it has caused so much hesitation in making a decision that the opportunity has passed.

You or the other person might want to think about the concerns about making a mistake.  And, would a decision actually be far-reaching enough to be a “mistake”  that would be truly harmful to anyone?

That is, it’s absolutely human to do things not just right a whole lot of the time.  Even that “perfect” decision may not be really perfect to you or someone else after it’s made and new information comes to light.

What terrible thing would be the result of forgetting to pack everything you need for that trip?  Would you TRULY not be able to do without it?  Would you not be able to purchase it there?

Would your boss really fire you for a well-thought out decision in which you’d not considered one aspect of the problem?

Would anyone’s life be affected if you didn’t choose just the right gift for someone?

Most importantly, does wanting to do things just right cause you to be nervous, maybe irritable with those you care about, possibly cause you physical distress like stomach problems, headaches, or the like?

Give all this some thought if you or someone else would be better served by being a bit more carefree and willing to take at least small risks.  And it would be nice to feel good about your less-than-perfect self and show “perfect” acceptance of yourself and others.

It would be helpful to figure out who sent you the message that you’re not good enough unless you do a, b, or c.

If you’re interested in taking a look at this trait in yourself and are unable to do it alone a few sessions with a mental health professional may positively affect you.

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