For Stress Relief A Physical Fitness Program Alone is Insufficient

stress-391657_960_720You work-out at least partially to reduce your stress? Well, I’m sorry to say that it may be only minimally useful, just a temporary relief! True, your work-out is very good for muscle-tone and strength — but only temporary for reduction of stress.

Without a “mental fitness” program (a longer-lasting stress-reduction program) you are “missing the boat.”

That is because decreasing stress you experience from outside is not a long-lasting answer. Working out at the end of a demanding day or when things are going wrong is beneficial in the short run. But, Personalized Stress-Relief Training can help you to identify stress from inside: your personal attitudes, beliefs and patterns that may be setting you up for that gastrointestinal distress, those headaches, back pain, immune-system problems, high blood-pressure, heart disorder and even cancer. It is a means for HEADING OFF STRESS, prevention work rather than after-the-stress-has-affected you work!

Research shows that stress is a contributing factor to most illnesses so don’t short-change yourself.

An important and very credible study out of Duke University published in the A.M.A.’s Archives of Internal Medicine October 27, 1997) concludes that a consistent stress-relief program (along with proper diet and exercise) even reduces the risk of subsequent heart attacks for people who have experienced one attack in the past. It states that diet and exercise alone were not enough without certain types of stress-reduction methods (those used in Personalized Stress-Relief Training).

We all know people who take outside stressors in stride and rarely have health problems. Wouldn’t you like that to be you? It can be. Self-awareness is the key. Once you understand the attitudes, beliefs and patterns that make you vulnerable to health problems there are methods you can learn to modify them and reduce that stress produced from inside.

Your own particular unique stress-producers can be discovered and addressed with a series of 4 to 8 Personalized Stress-Relief Training with a qualified counselor. This is much like having a personal trainer for your physical fitness program.

So, improve your health for today and the future in this easy way. And your health insurance will probably even pay for it!

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