Looking for full-time EMDR and/or Couples Psychotherapist

Job descriptionLooking for an LPC/LCPC, or LSW/LCSW who has completed their training requirements and has experience in practicing both in-person and virtual EMDR and/or Couples counseling. We currently have an abundance and waiting list for both of these specialties. It is likely that a therapist could have a full-time caseload within 2-3 months. Clinician must […]

THA Therapy Communication

The ability to completely and safely express oneself in a relationship is critical for our wellness.  Those in a relationship where they feel heard and attended to know how lucky they are, as unfortunately, that is not always the case. We hide parts of ourselves until we feel safe enough in others’ presence to be […]

Don’t Wait Until Emotions Seem Out-of-control

Feel them coming on and do something about it: 1. Take a few deep breaths. 2. Lie down and rest. 3. Take a hot bath. 4. Put on some peaceful music. 5. Call a friend. 6. Schedule with one of our caring therapists 312-280-1166 – Hefter.com

Thoughts And Hopes For This Moment In Time

Everything is at a standstill but we are still moving forward in time. Make every day count even though it’s nothing as usual and nothing as planned. Give thanks daily for all that you have. This WILL end. It’s just a matter of when and how. Our thoughts are with you and your families. Stay […]

A Mentally Healthy Thanksgiving

What does the above title mean? What does one thing have to do with the other? Well, here are a few Mentally Unhealthy Thanksgiving situations: 1. You exhaust yourself preparing a big dinner because you think “This big feast is necessary.” or “If I don’t do it, no one will so I’ll do it even […]

On Procrastination

Go ahead and put off the work (schoolwork? housework?) that you haven’t done. Put off making those phone calls or other obligations. But, try your doggonedest to take advantage of this summer day even if it’s just standing in front of where you live or work for a couple of minutes paying attention to the […]

May Is Mental Health Month – A Suggestion For Your Mental Health

As a therapist I’ve found that using assertive techniques make clients more mentally healthy. Being assertive does not mean being aggressive.  It means speaking in a normal tone and asking for what you feel you need and want. It means not shouting, demanding, and arguing nor passively accepting.  It shows respect for the other while […]

Reduce Your Loneliness

Theresa May, the British Prime Minister, is having her government address what is called a “modern health scourge.” She states that her country is not the only one whose health and welfare are being affected by loneliness. Yes, loneliness doesn’t only affect your mental health but may affect your physical health and longevity as well. […]


Holistic doctor Andrew Weil says the following will put you to sleep IN ONE MINUTE!!! It’s called the “4-7-8-” technique and is derived from yoga. Inhale for 4 seconds; hold your breath for 7 seconds; and exhale FORCEFULLY for 8 Repeat 3 times. With practice, Weil says, you’ll be asleep!

New Year’s Resolutions – Getting in Shape

Feeling out of shape after the holidays? Did your New Year’s resolutions involve a plan to get more fit — work out more often, have better nutrition, etc.? JUST AS IMPORTANT and often far easier to achieve is stress reduction which contributes to your physical health and well-being (and feeling “fit”). 60% to 80% of […]