Suggestions For Couple Disagreements

Communication between couples vs arguments If you and/or your partner feel your frustration rising request a “time out” by saying something like, “I need to take 5 minutes off (or 10 minutes, if you prefer) so we can calm down” During the “time out” both should take a few deep, slow breaths, letting them out […]

Unless You’re Perfect Should You Expect a Perfect Romantic Partner?

Most people, whether they know it or not expect their partner-in-love to be: The perfect parent of the opposite gender from themselves who they’ve conjured up in their imagination.  (Pick the one that fits.) (Dad who makes them feel safe and cared for, ALWAYS listens attentively, gives them everything they want — most likely not […]

Can Patience Be Learned?

Is someone you know an “instant gratification” person? Are you? What I mean by this is that some people have “short fuses.” When things don’t go their way they show irritation immediately. They have little patience with the unexpected or with being unsatisfied. They “want what they “want when they want it.” This can be […]

Handbook for Bosses And Unhappy Employees

The way to look good and get ahead is to utilize your staff well. This is done by tearing them down personally and professionally. Cause them to shake, sweat and even have sleepless nights. This will make them work hard and your superior will like and praise you, right? DEAD WRONG! ! ! Then why […]

Having an Affair with an Attached Man?

Some women are gamblers even though they don’t think of themselves that way with money. Many women who “see” married men are gambling in a bigger way than with money. They slip into a relationship with a married man not paying attention to anything but the thrill of the moment. Hear me, I am not […]

Men: Are You an Emotional Coward? Women: Do You Talk About Feelings Ad Nauseam?

Women, stop bullying men into talking about feelings. Men, don’t act exasperated when women express emotions. Insisting on having ANYTHING all our own way is baby stuff! Get mature and learn to compromise on the issue of expression of feelings. We can find a middle ground so that men and women can enjoy each other […]