Resolving Division Of Labor Disagreements For Couples Who Live Together

First, address ways each partner can understand self and other as it relates to this topic: 1. Each make a list of who did these tasks in family-of-origin (or maybe someone was hired to do them): a. laundry b. grocery-shopping c. loading and unloading the dishwasher (or washing the dishes by hand) d. making the […]

Suggestions For Couple Disagreements

Communication between couples vs arguments If you and/or your partner feel your frustration rising request a “time out” by saying something like, “I need to take 5 minutes off (or 10 minutes, if you prefer) so we can calm down” During the “time out” both should take a few deep, slow breaths, letting them out […]

Unless You’re Perfect Should You Expect a Perfect Romantic Partner?

Most people, whether they know it or not expect their partner-in-love to be: The perfect parent of the opposite gender from themselves who they’ve conjured up in their imagination.  (Pick the one that fits.) (Dad who makes them feel safe and cared for, ALWAYS listens attentively, gives them everything they want — most likely not […]

Living Happily Ever After

The happiest couples are those who take the time out from all of the madness leading up to that special day to plan how they will handle unexpected difficulties that are bound arise during their married life. MARRIAGE CAN BE MAGICAL but rarely without planning for those inevitable times when things are not going as […]

Getting Married? Know Someone Who Is?

Getting married? Know someone else who is? It is essential to remember that “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Marrying couples should give themselves every opportunity for a successful, blissful marriage by participating in pre-marital counseling sessions with a qualified psychotherapist. No matter how compatible partners are they always have some […]

“It’s Not What You Say But How You Say It”

A familiar comment we’ve all heard. We may be quick to say or think this of others but what about you? Does your voice tone convey unkindness to people? Do people tell you that you have “an attitude?” If so, does it bring you pleasure to have “an attitude?” Do you think you have good […]

Having an Affair with an Attached Man?

Some women are gamblers even though they don’t think of themselves that way with money. Many women who “see” married men are gambling in a bigger way than with money. They slip into a relationship with a married man not paying attention to anything but the thrill of the moment. Hear me, I am not […]

Men: Are You an Emotional Coward? Women: Do You Talk About Feelings Ad Nauseam?

Women, stop bullying men into talking about feelings. Men, don’t act exasperated when women express emotions. Insisting on having ANYTHING all our own way is baby stuff! Get mature and learn to compromise on the issue of expression of feelings. We can find a middle ground so that men and women can enjoy each other […]