The Importance of Patience & Self-Forgiveness During the Holiday Season to Counteract Anxiety

As the holidays season approaches, therapists and clients alike mentally prepare for a change in the direction their therapy sessions might take. During this session, patience and self-forgiveness become ever more crucial when focusing on maintaining a healthy mental state and  limiting anxiety. The holiday season is notorious for causing stress and anxiety, but it […]

Telemedicine -Counseling from your couch

Telemedicine has been around for a while. Breaking barriers for those who did not have a facility close enough or could not physically go to the office. After Covid, the world opened the doors for providers to see clients from home using video and audio technology that is HIPPA compliant. Based on last week’s census, […]

7 Gifts You Give To Yourself While Giving To Another

Opening vividly-wrapped packages of varying sizes and shapes can be exhilarating and  festive.  That is typically what gift-giving is like for most of us.  But there are gifts that you can receive while you are giving usually without the pretty wrapping.  The following are some that would fit in an envelope:   Theater tickets for […]

Why Are Holidays So Difficult For So Many People?

The two main reasons are: 1) Past holidays were unpleasant (especially while we were growing up) so each one reminds us of past ones. This is often based on Hollywood glamorizing family life making us think we are missing that perfect happy family who hugs, kisses, talks gayly and caringly with each other and gives […]

Thanksgiving Thoughts

By Terry Hefter, LCPC The first thing we think about is the turkey, right? Or, maybe the family togetherness? For some it’s the historical value that makes this day special. For many the essential feature of this holiday is the spiritual overtone. These people give thanks for the food on the table — not only […]

Resolving Division Of Labor Disagreements For Couples Who Live Together

First, address ways each partner can understand self and other as it relates to this topic: 1. Each make a list of who did these tasks in family-of-origin (or maybe someone was hired to do them): a. laundry b. grocery-shopping c. loading and unloading the dishwasher (or washing the dishes by hand) d. making the […]

Mother’s Day Thoughts

What most mothers want from their children is a showing of affection. A nice extra is an expression of appreciation. But most children take their mothers for granted. It’s just expected by them that parents supply needs and wants to their children. So all that immense time, effort, money, and sacrifice is something a mother […]

“It’s Not What You Say But How You Say It”

A familiar comment we’ve all heard. We may be quick to say or think this of others but what about you? Does your voice tone convey unkindness to people? Do people tell you that you have “an attitude?” If so, does it bring you pleasure to have “an attitude?” Do you think you have good […]

Why Are Many Parents Overly Critical?

Because they think that to be a good parent they must be constantly watchful in order to teach their children. They see correcting them as loving and a parent’s job. Or, sometimes it is because the parent wants the child to make the parent proud, to show the world that the parent is a good […]