Telemedicine -Counseling from your couch

Telemedicine has been around for a while. Breaking barriers for those who did not have a facility close enough or could not physically go to the office. After Covid, the world opened the doors for providers to see clients from home using video and audio technology that is HIPPA compliant. Based on last week’s census, […]

Be Your Own Therapist- The Aunt Nellie Syndrome

Have you ever felt suddenly cheerful without knowing why? Or, perhaps you have become sad, felt a cloud over you, and the feelings seemed unexplainable. This could have happened because of what I call “The Aunt Nellie Syndrome” which has to do with your 5 senses and memory. You see, emotions can often be affected […]

Who Are Those “Crazy” People Who Go For Psychotherapy And Do They Get Better?

Who can psychotherapy help? Psychotherapy is generally for people who want relief from: feeling continually sad feeling uncomfortably nervous feeling worried a lot feeling overly fearful relationship difficulties (family, romantic, work, friendship relationships) medically-related stress any other stresses the discomfort of being able to take the action they want to take. How do people find […]

What You Can Expect From Mental Health Counseling

Most people attempt to solve their problems by themselves. They sometimes seek the assistance of family and/or friends. But that may not be enough for some people at some times. So they seek counseling (also called psychotherapy). The following is what YOU could expect if YOU chose to seek counseling for solving problems. 1. Relief […]