Resolving Division Of Labor Disagreements For Couples Who Live Together

First, address ways each partner can understand self and other as it relates to this topic: 1. Each make a list of who did these tasks in family-of-origin (or maybe someone was hired to do them): a. laundry b. grocery-shopping c. loading and unloading the dishwasher (or washing the dishes by hand) d. making the […]

Perfectionism — Sometimes a Problem for You or Someone Else You Know?

Do you, and maybe others, consider you a perfectionist, and does it sometimes cause you difficulties? Maybe someone else’s perfectionism is a problem for you (and, perhaps for themselves)? If you’re a brain surgeon please keep being perfectionistic about your work!  But, some of us have had experiences where this trait has stood in the […]

Some Thoughts on Men’s Mental Health

International Men’s Day took place on November 19 this year — but I think the topic of men’s mental health is worth talking about all year round. Men are not all cut from one cloth. They vary enormously but one thing I’ve noticed in my practice is that most of the troubled ones who come […]

How Much Worrying is Healthy?

Worrying is a part of being human but sometimes it is overwhelming and paralyzes us. Here are some typical examples of why people worry: We can’t help worrying about our health or the health of a loved one when the doctor has informed us that this is a serious condition. If our finances have been […]

Self-Help Suggestions For Anxiety and Depression

Most people already know about what is written below but at times may forget. These reminders are helpful for both anxiety AND depression. 1. Deep-breathing-a few deep, slow breaths 2. Relaxation apps on your phone – some are waves on the seashore or rain on the roof, some are progressive relaxation (“Your feet are getting […]

Be Your Own Therapist- The Aunt Nellie Syndrome

Have you ever felt suddenly cheerful without knowing why? Or, perhaps you have become sad, felt a cloud over you, and the feelings seemed unexplainable. This could have happened because of what I call “The Aunt Nellie Syndrome” which has to do with your 5 senses and memory. You see, emotions can often be affected […]

You Don’t Have To Have Those Bad Feelings

  Why are you accepting your sad feelings? Why are you accepting your disappointing relationships? Why are you accepting your chronic sleeplessness? Why are you accepting that terrible nervous feeling you have so frequently? Is the answer because you didn’t know that counseling can help you reduce (or at least cope with) those problems? Or […]

For Stress Relief A Physical Fitness Program Alone is Insufficient

You work-out at least partially to reduce your stress? Well, I’m sorry to say that it may be only minimally useful, just a temporary relief! True, your work-out is very good for muscle-tone and strength — but only temporary for reduction of stress. Without a “mental fitness” program (a longer-lasting stress-reduction program) you are “missing […]