The Importance of Patience & Self-Forgiveness During the Holiday Season to Counteract Anxiety

As the holidays season approaches, therapists and clients alike mentally prepare for a change in the direction their therapy sessions might take. During this session, patience and self-forgiveness become ever more crucial when focusing on maintaining a healthy mental state and  limiting anxiety. The holiday season is notorious for causing stress and anxiety, but it […]

Telemedicine -Counseling from your couch

Telemedicine has been around for a while. Breaking barriers for those who did not have a facility close enough or could not physically go to the office. After Covid, the world opened the doors for providers to see clients from home using video and audio technology that is HIPPA compliant. Based on last week’s census, […]

How to Control Your Body During Times of Stress

Stress and Anxiety are the same phenomena, except that Anxiety feels more psychological while Stress feels more physiological. The term “Anxiety”, originally coined by Freud from the word ANGST (fear) in his native language, German, makes people more uncomfortable to speak about because it sounds more like a mental diagnosis. On the other hand, stress […]

Underpinnings Of Mental Health

Taking care of your emotions means trying to address the following (hopefully daily): 1. Sleep and rest Everyone’s needs are different but attempting to get to bed at a reasonable hour and getting enough hours can help you to cope. And even if you don’t get enough sleep taking time to rest helps rejuvenate both […]

Keeping Boredom From Becoming Depression

You have the power to take charge of the monotony of having to stay home. The underpinnings of fending off depression (even if you have a chemical imbalance for which you are prescribed medication) are getting enough sleep and rest, eating nutritiously (and some things you really like), and getting some sort of exercise.  The […]

Get Outside If You Can To Lift Your Spirits And/or Bring You Some Calmness.

Staying home doesn’t have to mean staying inside your home or apartment. It means, as we’re constantly reminded, not to be closer than 6 feet from another person. But it doesn’t mean you have to be indoors. And being outdoors has MANY advantages. So, yes, if you’re a runner or a bike-rider and you can […]

“just Do It” In 2019

Each New Year makes us think about ways to improve our future. What would help you to be happier in 2019 and beyond? Start with one way in which you would like to see your life different and try to figure out how to make it happen. Plan the steps and be sure to include […]

Why Are Holidays So Difficult For So Many People?

The two main reasons are: 1) Past holidays were unpleasant (especially while we were growing up) so each one reminds us of past ones. This is often based on Hollywood glamorizing family life making us think we are missing that perfect happy family who hugs, kisses, talks gayly and caringly with each other and gives […]