7 Gifts You Give To Yourself While Giving To Another

Opening vividly-wrapped packages of varying sizes and shapes can be exhilarating and  festive.  That is typically what gift-giving is like for most of us.  But there are gifts that you can receive while you are giving usually without the pretty wrapping.  The following are some that would fit in an envelope:


  • Theater tickets for yourself and the other person


  • A certificate for dinner at a restaurant for you and the other person


  • A certificate for a shared afternoon going shopping to select the gift


  • A certificate for x number of hours together. (Many of you find little time to be with others because work and other activities keep you so busy.  A gift with no cost to you in dollars could be simply giving of your time — sharing a Sunday afternoon playing video games with your son or taking a walk with your wife.)


  • A certificate for sharing work on a project. You will both feel accomplished and at the same time can talk and laugh together.  This is another cost-free present with value to you and the other person.


  • A certificate indicating that you will teach someone a skill — building something, playing an instrument, improving the others’ chess game, etc. Sharing your knowledge can be uplifting for both parties


  • A certificate for a massage you’ll give your significant other. The pleasure is as wonderful for the giver as it is for the receiver.


Though these are in envelopes you can even put them in a box with holiday paper and a bow on top so they can be stacked with the other presents.


And just think of it — the memories from these occasions are gifts that keep returning to please both of you.


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